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Life is busy, fast and it flies by. Time is something that you cannot get back, especially time with loved ones. Family portraits are one of the most overlooked and forgotten things. We constantly hear..."It has been years since we have taken family portraits" or "it's just too hard together everyone together" or "we're not that photogenic"... well with our style and approach are changing that one session at a time.

There is nothing more beautiful than transforming your life into a work of Art. Yet capturing someone’s true personality through a photo can sometimes be hard when taken in a studio. Even the best lighting and backdrop can sometimes make one look lifeless and staged. This is why we offer Lifestyle photography. By replacing the studio screened background with your preferred locale, we are able to seize the perfect image that will articulate your story in time for years to come. Key West is such an amazing place to visit, why not capture that moment with your family.

With our creative eye and you and your life event as our focus, your photographs will speak for them selves. Forget bulky albums, your lifestyle photo is going straight up on the wall. Whether your visiting Key West for a Family Vacation or just want some remarkably unique Key West Family Photos, we would love to capture and preserve your family's memories.

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