Danielle & Joey

Ocean Key Resort

“I find the unrehearsed, unconscious aspects of life the most beautiful to photograph, as they are most open to interpretation, to a narrative.” A quotation by Arne Svenson that best describes why I love photography so much, for Danielle and Joey it was the “unrehearsed, unconscious aspects…” that made their wedding so memorable.

Danielle and Joey came to us all the way from South Florida…already familiar with our work, as we shot a wedding held at her father’s house 7-years ago. They were excited to have us capture their special moment, so much that they signed up for a full day of coverage, allowing us plenty of time to snap a number of spectacular images.

The beautiful celebration took place  at the Ocean Key Resort & Spa in Key West, FL; a southernmost subtropical paradise. It is here where I was greeted by the gorgeous bride, mother and bridesmaids, all in their wedding-colored robes. The mood, as expected, was very sweet and playful, a lot like the the cakes Danielle featured as a semi-finalist for TLC’s Next Great Baker. As they all prepared, the bridesmaids drank from mason jars and the bride danced and sang into a hairbrush doubling as a microphone. The party had begun for these girls.

However, on the other side of the hotel the dapper groomsmen celebrated and cheered with their copper Moscow mule cups in their cream and turquoise ensemble. They laughed and teased the excited, yet nervous, groom who was anxious to get things started.

The ceremony was held at the resort’s Ocean Terrace, where guests feasted their eyes across the scenic waterfront view. Moments later that view would be replaced by the stunning bride in her breathtaking tiered-dress, escorted down the isle by her proud dad to her handsome groom. She looked radiant, and Joey charming in his cream colored tux. Once together they both looked so happy and in love. It was really sweet.

Married by a personal friend, the nuptials celebrated the bride and groom individually and as a couple.  As they held hands and stared adoringly into each others eyes, there were heartwarming and ticklish stories of love and friendship, something the guests really enjoyed by the sound of laughter throughout.

After the vows were exchanged and the groom kissed his bride, it was off to the reception at the Sunset Pier surrounded by Key West’s turquoise water. Two houses divided, Danielle and Joey entered the reception to the Florida Gator Anthem (Danielle’s alma mater) and the Florida Seminole Anthem (Joey’s alma mater). Cheers and boos greeted them on the dance floor depending each guests’ colors. Whatever side you were on it was a great way to get the crowd going and celebration started. Soon followed the great toasts given by the best man and maid of honor, both of which brought lots of awes and laughter. Following the traditional father-daughter/mother-son dances, the seated couple was hoisted into the air by the guests as they danced around them. It was pure entertainment.

After all the food, drinks and dancing were enjoyed, it was time to say goodbye and send off the couple with a sprinkle shower that included over 100lbs of cake sprinkles thrown at them during their going away dance. Danielle was in HEAVEN, but exhausted. When they went back to their hotel room, while Joey ate some snacks and caught up on sports, she passed out on his shoulder with a smile. Her dream wedding had finally come true! She couldn’t have been any happier.

And luckily we were there to witness it all.


For all the fun and excitement scroll through the gallery below or click HERE for their slideshow.

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