Alexis & Joey

Southernmost Mansion

Aw young love, there’s nothing quite like it. Meet Alexis and Joey, two Miami natives who have known and been in love with each other since their first meeting sophomore year in high school. With no cell phones at the time, Alexis shared how they would correspond via pager. Talk about a throw back, with the numbers 40 (his code) and 74 (her code) they would send “I love you’s” to each other throughout the day. Bless my heart, isn’t that just adorable? Hearing more about their story, I knew these two held a special bond between them and that my goal for this union would be to capture with my lens and candid photography, the beauty of their story.
Their search for a location where they could have both the ceremony and reception, brought them to one of Florida’s most renowned bed and breakfast, The Southernmost Mansion. Known for its extraordinary architecture, history and tropical gardens, this Key West wedding photographer was super excited. Some of my favorite shots have been taken there, and by the gut feeling this celebration was already giving me, I knew there were going to be a lot more to add to my collection.
The wedding took place on Saturday, December 1st. Now for those who have been in Key West during this time, it can get a little brisk; however, not on this day. The skies could have not been any bluer and the lack of humidity gave way to perfect hair for all those involved. Thank you sweet Jesus! Calm and collective, Alexis got dressed with the help of makeup artist Christina Vidal and her mother Jessica. While across the hall Joey’s tie was being perfected by one of his best men and his nerves calmed with friendly banter.
With veil on, flower girl’s earrings secured and one last spritz of hairspray for grandma’s hair, the time had come to work their way down to the beautiful setting that was waiting for them outside. As Dakota, the flower girl, peeked out the door, everyone lined up and got ready for the processional. The backdrop couldn’t have been more perfect, and with one last review of his vows, Joey walked towards the pastor to wait for his soon to be bride.
Once the final couple of the bridal party reached the altar, it was Alexis’s turn to make her grand entrance. The music changed to ‘Canon in D’ and soon after she appeared flowing down the stairs glowing with love. As they stood before each other and exchanged vows, there were tears but also lots of laughter and before they knew it, they were one.
Setup pool side, straight from the ceremony the guests were lead to cocktail hour and then the reception. The first dance, on the mansion’s back porch, continued the mood of romance and magic. Friends and family enjoyed the night with great music, food and a trolley ride to an after party. It was definitely something to write home about, just not through a pager. 🙂 Alexis

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